Freedom + Business + Shopping

What you & I — what we want is an open question that each & every-body needs to answer for themselves, but also for each other they share the same space with. We are free, and yet our freedom is also to some degree constrained by the awareness and care we choose for the people in our community, the living beings in our environment, even by the atoms sharing and interacting with us in our world.

All of the atoms in our atmosphere, all the biology in our biosphere, all of the elements throughout the ether interact everyday throughout time in our universe.

Simplify! Let’s break it down on a human level. When we humans interact, we communicate our wishes, wants, needs and many more different ideas. We move around, behave in certain ways and not others, we engage with each other (once we have successfully gone through a process of “socialization”).

Our lives are continuing and continual processes of engagement. We talk. We negotiate. We are interdependent (I once argued that we ought to be more interreliant than to rely on the idea of interdependence — but at some point, this is more a matter of splitting hairs — yet feel free to see alsoInter-Reliance, Self-Dependence & Responsibility” 😉 ).

Perhaps the simplest way to think about wants is to dichotomize (to split things up into dichtomies). For example, we could ask ourselves “in which cases are our wants mainly our own things to resolve?” In such cases, we can simply decide without paying attention to anything else: we can go shopping. Otherwise, in what ways do we wish to interact with others? We can engage in business, we can enjoy group activities. Beyond that, we may also have wants that are more abstract: we may wish or desire things that are little more than pleasant ideas.

What other questions can you think of? Why not join us and share your ideas? We probably want to hear them as much as you want to tell them! 😀