CAUTION: Beware of ads in wants’ clothing

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Now, we can just speak a command to our phones and it shows us the best options for getting to where we need to be

I always wanted to study something related to fashion

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people always think that studying fashion is equal to becoming a designer, and in Brazil, you won’t get a salary that is good enough to survive there. I grew up believing that fashion was equal to being a designer, and I’m so bad at drawing, I couldn’t be a designer. When I started studying business, back in 2019, in my bad university, I realized for the first time something that is very obvious: a fashion brand is still a company.

Store owners beam and put their own face, person, livelihood behind their product, and with that, accountability, ownership, pride

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in a season where isolation and independence have become the norm, even praised and celebrated, i want to lean hard on my place, my people, i want to depend on things to be there for me – the bread shop that opens every day until midnight, the aunty who sells the softest cotton sleepwear every sunday, the uncle who i know will be there, faithfully repairing shoes until he no longer can… in turn, they depend on (us/me), for their livelihood, purpose; and for both of us, we want each other, for the warmth, interaction, companionship.

A good place to start is by understanding how people see me now — is their perception of me aligning with how I’d like them to see me?

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Here’s an example. I’d like people to see me as reliable. When a friend needs help, am I available to be there? If I never show up or fail to keep promises, am I demonstrating the qualities of a reliable person? If I promised to post my blogs on Mondays and it’s already Thursday, I’m not doing a very good job at demonstrating reliability, am I?

I want to figure out a brand that I can market my work under, or at least the mode in which I’m going to start marketing actual art projects or public speaking projects

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I have to keep becoming. I have to submit to life the way I would to the right guy. I have to trust myself the way I would a partner. I have to love me with the same intensity and compassion I would offer him. That’s my job for 2021.