Being stupid seems much less ridiculous than going to work tomorrow

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I want to be stupid. Stupid enough to sell this house and get on an airplane. And I don’t particularly love travelling, so I don’t want to go anywhere too far. I want to taste other food and talk to other people. All before I die. I won’t be alive much longer. Time flies at a sabotaging speed.

I want my future employers to see my global warming paper because it is something I am very passionate about

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I also put some work in there that was a case study for a communications class that was all about argumentation so we got to say our point of view and how we felt about certain topics. That was one of my favorite classes to do because it was all about proving your point in arguments and using argumentative theory.

There are moments when I feel like I’m incapable of telling a story at all; and other days when I’m just on fire and my creativity is at its juiciest, ready to burst on a blank page

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I love how I get to be in the comfort of my home, doing the thing that I want and actually earn from it. I may not be the highest paid employee out there but I consider this as a great blessing — a treasure, even.