Being authentic means being vulnerable

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It’s sometimes more comfortable not to go there but the goal here is to help you grow and expand. Being authentic means being honest with yourself and others when you don’t want to do something. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and getting a little uncomfortable. It means trying something a little risky or out of the norm for you in order to learn and understand who we truly are and what makes you unique.

Some things or people have no connection with us but due to getting used to it, we consider those things or people as part of our life and we do not want to lose that comfort

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This means life is not easy or difficult, only we make it easy or difficult according to our comfort. And we will not be able to understand the true meaning of life until we go beyond our comfort zone.

I would rather spend my time writing out loud, visibly, rather than letting my thoughts sit in the dark

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Running away from responsibilities and fail to acknowledge short comings are the worst. I would rather live with humiliation than guilt. Guilt is worst, because guilt is internal. You can get over humiliation because you might know deep inside you that you are clean. But guilt is just that you failed yourself to take action in the face of discomfort.