I always do my best when it comes to the things that I love

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I know that my journey does not end here, I will face more situations in the future. I am really glad to meet all those inspiring people. They really helped me a lot and I can say that I have also gained my confidence back. Hearing all those stories and getting ideas from them really helped me to be more confident to face my future. My beginning starts here and I hope that I can do my best. No, I will do my best. I want to achieve all my goals in life. I want to live a life where I regret nothing and I want to keep on fighting. I will keep on fighting because that is the only way for me to win. I need to win thousands of fights in order to reach all of my dreams. All those stories will stay in my heart and I will take them as a lesson. I am not afraid anymore; I will keep on fighting until the end. I will live my life to the fullest.


Letting go of those beautiful dreams I once had is difficult, but doable

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To use perhaps overly-grand words, it is an End to an Era, with me now looking towards new interests, horizons, and dreams. Even as the current crisis still brews in the background, I’m exploring new opportunities I had not considered before – something that I hope I can encourage everyone else reading this to do with me. There is nothing more challenging than persevering in the face of adversity encroaching, seemingly, from all sides.


I finally found myself and I want to share and help everyone else do the same

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We have one life and unfortunately its short and we have all witnessed the unexpected can and will happen. However, we all have one chose and that is to take charge of ourselves and strive for our dreams.


I’m turning 18 this coming November and I am wishing myself that I could achieve my goals and dreams

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“Always think positive” this is the motto I always believe in. Being a senior high school student is hard for everyone. I started studying as a senior high school student that doesn’t have a confident, I am wishing myself to have a confident unlike my other classmates. When I was in Grade 11, few months before I have my own self confidence. As day goes by, I am confidently doing all the things that I never did in my life. Then I became a Grade 12 student but this time it is different. New normal in studying, only modular class that every student didn’t expected. Since I want to have a best future, I am giving all my best to do the modules. Few more months and I am officially senior high school student graduate, that will face a new chapter in life.