I’m not sure if any of the alternatives would have been better

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There are too many paths I thought about going down. Too many adventures named almost and maybe, someday. I could have been a photographer, or a singer-songwriter, or a writer. I could have fallen in love with different people. I could have had my heart broken by strangers I’ll never meet now.


I want to talk more gently to myself in case teenage Anne is listening in

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The Anne of today, right this very minute, is the caretaker for all the versions of me — past and future. I carry each one of them with me, though I’m not always aware of them. The gift I can give myself each and every day is true compassion and deep love for past, present and future Anne.


How can I turn the things I enjoy into a platform that people will want to connect with?

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I lose my place from time to time. I forget that I have this space…designated just for me. So I leave, and I come back when I remember to unload all of the burdens my heart feels. I don’t talk about them often…or at least not like this because I never know how my friends or family will respond. I mean…I know how they’ll respond. By telling me that things aren’t that bad, that my life is full of blessings. And they’re right, it’s not and it is. Granted they don’t ever really say those words out loud…but they act as reminders that I shouldn’t be taking the time to write out these thoughts because maybe they aren’t valid.


I’d love to say that in all my blogs and assignments I am displaying my images exactly how I want them to be seen but I have neither developed my personal style or skills enough yet to do this

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However, following comments from my tutor I have looked into how others use layout to make a cohesive whole out of a group of sometimes seemingly unrelated photographs to see if I can apply it to my own images.


I want to find out why I have young onset cognitive decline

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wouldn’t it be wonderful to know why this has been happening? Wouldn’t it be great to do something tangible to fight my decline? I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I’m allowing myself to be a bit more hopeful this week.


I want to become the best version of myself day by day

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I’m just another ordinary mama keeping herself accountable.. I needed a place to document my life’s memorable moments, weight loss, foods, workouts, and inspiration without feeling like my family and friends are my only spectators. I’d rather relate/support accounts similar to mine, clap for one another, and not annoy those who don’t feel like being a part of my journey.


A little bit more in the way of ambient noise would at least convince me I wasn’t a complete loner

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I suspect this post makes me sound like a grumpy city-dweller. Maybe I am, at heart. One day I will return to the lovely streets of London and ignore everyone and bask in its noisy chaos. For now, I will brush up on my smiles (at least they can only see my eyes) and cheeriest ‘bonjour’ to dole out to the locals, in case they do fancy making friends with one of the local foreigners.


Being stupid seems much less ridiculous than going to work tomorrow

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I want to be stupid. Stupid enough to sell this house and get on an airplane. And I don’t particularly love travelling, so I don’t want to go anywhere too far. I want to taste other food and talk to other people. All before I die. I won’t be alive much longer. Time flies at a sabotaging speed.