I want to confess and lace the truth – my truth – with some poetry and magic

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My middle-class upbringing, while I am deeply grateful for what I had, did not prepare me for the unfairness of the industry I entered, and it did not equip me with the skill that I could have only afforded if I had had socioeconomic privileges. It was easy for me to chide my restless heart, like every other time, for I thought, it pined for something that was beyond my reach. It has taken many years for me to meet the ultimate truth – nothing was wrong with me, but the system was rigged.


I want my clients empowered, not reliant on me

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I’ve seen practitioners use transactional healing to their supposed advantage, to stroke their own egos — meaning, deliberately keep a client in the dark about some aspect of their own body’s healing so the client will view the practitioner as a miracle worker.

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