Messages are everywhere, stepping into our brains around idealized images of women and what men want

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We did also watch “The Man” by Taylor Swift, which was thoroughly entertaining though not at all subtle. And not to sound ancient (hahahaha), but subtlety is the thing really. I might have had a dictionary definition of that back in my young-woman days, but I didn’t really get how to do it.

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If you are confused or don’t have a clear answer to that question then this post is definitely for you!

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I was the type to follow the ‘crowd’. I didn’t dare to speak up and share my ideas, which inevitably led me to be someone else – someone who wasn’t me. It was only in my late teens that I started discovering myself and what I truly liked and didn’t like.

When all feels ludicrous out in the world it’s the only place I want to be

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Our world is so bonkers right now, especially my country. Who else is tired of the overused phrases “unprecedented times”, “new normal”, or God forbid the horrid word “vote”? So let’s just move away from them and talk of other things. I for one am up for it, are you?