This is when I fell in love with digital planner making!

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I became obsessed with free digital notebooks that I found online and nothing ever became “the one” for me, so I finally decided to make my own! I taught myself how to make it and watched a few tutorials on how to do it, I thought of how easy it is to do and the fact that the ideas effortlessly came to me, is just mind-blowing. Well, not super easy, but there was no complication. Of course, hard-work and patience is all it takes to finish a single planner, but I managed to do it. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to film it!

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I want to make a difference in the world, and helping raise awareness for the pollution in our oceans is one of the ways I can do it

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I didn’t know much about the gravity of the issue that is ocean pollution before entering this alternative project and I was shocked to learn of how horrible this problem has gotten. I hope, my experience in this project conveys some of the messages that I wish more people would be conscious of. I think that the main problem with ocean pollution is that people aren’t aware of the consequences their actions can have on the environment, and how perhaps a decision they make now–disposing of a plastic item inappropriately, for example–can have extreme repercussions later.