I would cry looking at the calendar and seeing there were so many days left

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Mentally i think i was losing it. 1. The stress of not being able to take care of my son the way I want to because I am the size of Texas and had the energy level of a pea. 2. Not being able to keep up with my sons growing energy levels 3. Being closed off from most of society and being stuck at home due to the pandemic 4. Pregnancy hormones. All of this makes a disgusting combination of one hell of a hot mess which was me. except i wasn’t even hot.


Everywhere Plans for Everybody

That’s the quintessential motto of each and every pandemic: Everywhere Plans for Everybody

It’s not normal — not new normal, not old normal, not at all … it’s more God-like.

Normal is: Somewhere Plans for Somebody.

In case you’re unaware of this bit of cultural history: It was none other than the Beatles who sang about Nowhere Man … namely, that he had Nowhere Plans for Nobody.

I think many people treat me (and / or my thoughts) that way regarding my thinking about information , information retrieval, natural language processing, etc. They consider my ideas to be irrelevant to today’s “real world” — #IRL.

I wrote about this yesterday — see: “We saw with the pandemic that some organizations that struggled with change, and others that changed quickly” (the title is a quote taken from a recent interview with Charlene Li).

At the end of the post, I speculate about the divergence between my own views and the mainstream views of the masses in the markets. I think perhaps each of these extremes views the other view as “Nowhere Man” views (interesting aside: the Beatles actually sang that Nowhere Man “doesn’t have a point of view”, and also speculated whether “isn’t he a bit like you and me?”).

So where is this “real world”? Are the markets always right? If so, then how can it be that the markets still have not solved the problem sometimes referred to as the “pandemic”?

My birthday is coming up and this cake is the kind of cake I want

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It’s just basic but also cute. I think on my birthday it would just be me and my close cousins having fun the whole day. I mean it’s nice but I was hoping to travel on my birthday and I can’t since there’s a pandemic. I am just thankful to reach the age thirteen and to celebrate my birthday with my family and maybe friends.


I want to support others that are also on the same journey, because there are so many people out there that have had current life experiences affect their mental health including the current pandemic

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We all need a kick start and support when we can get it, theres nothing better than spreading positivity and supporting others on life journeys too and thats what we are here for.