I’m super excited but at the same time super nervous of what’s to come

Keywords: life , 2021 , anxiety , feelings , help , if we were having coffee , karen wodstrup , life , life lessons , lifestyle , stress

If you don’t know it’s very normal (here in Denmark) to have a gap year or two after highschool where you work in order to earn money, travel the world and have fun. But there’s so much pressure around this, because I know that these approaching years will be extremely special in the sense that I’ll never have the opportunity again to do and explore what ever I want to. I think all these thoughts and feelings can be reduces to the fact, that I for one of the first times in my life are completely unsure about what I want. It’s almost as if the more opportunities one has the bigger fear for choosing one gets. But I am really excited as well. I think what I need to learn about this and myself is that it’s perfectly fine to not know what I want – in fact it might even be good for me to question what I want (what do you think?)


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