I would rather spend my time writing out loud, visibly, rather than letting my thoughts sit in the dark

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Running away from responsibilities and fail to acknowledge short comings are the worst. I would rather live with humiliation than guilt. Guilt is worst, because guilt is internal. You can get over humiliation because you might know deep inside you that you are clean. But guilt is just that you failed yourself to take action in the face of discomfort.


4 thoughts on “I would rather spend my time writing out loud, visibly, rather than letting my thoughts sit in the dark

    1. I enjoy your attitude a lot! Thanks for stopping by — and I still don’t entirely “get” the Qbooz name. Domain names are my specialty, and I also wonder why people choose to register domains from new proprietary TLDs if they don’t have a LOT of trust in the company that owns / manages them (in the case of .blog, that’s Automattic, *). Do you know who is responsible for .life?

      * “On November 21, 2016, Automattic, via a subsidiary company (Knock Knock, WHOIS There) managed the launch and later development of the .blog gTLD, becoming domain registrars” [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automattic ]

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      1. Hey! Thank you for your interesting question ^^. I think .life was a TLD of Donuts Domain https://makeawebsitehub.com/tlds/life-domain/ but the reason why I chose it was that it’s pretty much spontaneous and open to whatever I write. My website name’s actually a derived version of Booze and QB is a play word of my name/nickname haha. I don’t particularly drink but I think the blog was dedicated to the unthinkable, not-so sober side of me :)))

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      2. ❤ it! 😀

        When you say "it's pretty much spontaneous and open to whatever I write", you are probably referring to the English word "life" — is that right? This used to happen, for example with .tv (Tuvalu) or .co (Columbia), and also a few other "endings". Much more important, however, is the legal foundation (basically the TERMS of the contract you and the registry have contractually agreed upon). Most of the old ("generic") TLDs are maintained by registries in the USA, and therefore the jurisdiction of the laws of the USA are the basis for the contract (this mattered, for example, when the domain name "wikileaks" was confiscated, locked down or whatever — there was a short period of time when the domain wikileaks.org could not be reached, and this motivated the organization to use wikileaks.ch [Switzerland] instead).


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