This is when I fell in love with digital planner making!

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I became obsessed with free digital notebooks that I found online and nothing ever became “the one” for me, so I finally decided to make my own! I taught myself how to make it and watched a few tutorials on how to do it, I thought of how easy it is to do and the fact that the ideas effortlessly came to me, is just mind-blowing. Well, not super easy, but there was no complication. Of course, hard-work and patience is all it takes to finish a single planner, but I managed to do it. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to film it!

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I always wanted to study something related to fashion

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people always think that studying fashion is equal to becoming a designer, and in Brazil, you won’t get a salary that is good enough to survive there. I grew up believing that fashion was equal to being a designer, and I’m so bad at drawing, I couldn’t be a designer. When I started studying business, back in 2019, in my bad university, I realized for the first time something that is very obvious: a fashion brand is still a company.

I’d love to say that in all my blogs and assignments I am displaying my images exactly how I want them to be seen but I have neither developed my personal style or skills enough yet to do this

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However, following comments from my tutor I have looked into how others use layout to make a cohesive whole out of a group of sometimes seemingly unrelated photographs to see if I can apply it to my own images.

Maybe the whole point is that I don’t have one definite task or endeavor to pursue or complete

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Maybe I am meant to explore all of these paths to find myself in each of them. Maybe the goal is to find myself in everything, no matter how small or overwhelming. Maybe I am just supposed to meet myself through my expressions, the human experience and the outward existence.

I want to return to my roots and not necessarily to my native town

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I am searching for a good looking home that has the features I like: curves, arches, stone and wood, rustic material, wrought iron, Persiana shutters on the windows, antique latches, historical details, and a small piece of raw land to cultivate my food and fruit trees, all the details I could never have living in the United States. Here builders like to produce boxy, square homes, with mostly modern details. History and historical details here are frowned upon and basically end up dismantled on the ground 😡🙈.

I want to be the designer of dazzling stage costumes and eye-catching costumes for the main characters in movies and TV series

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I like beautiful clothes, especially senior custom suits, evening dress, and on the stage, the various actors in the movie to wear costumes of rich s feeling and classical beauty, I really hope that one day a movie is known to all is a kind of beautiful clothes out the design of the self, or a star will wear my design dresses to attend important media events

I knew for sure that I wanted to do my master’s in Environmental engineering

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It is okay to not have a complete full-proof plan from day one. But it is important to know what subjects or what kind of work interests you. Be passionate and sincere in whatever you do, because that’s the only way to do things right.