I want to capture their initial reaction to my announcement

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In these troubling times of the pandemic, it has been extremely difficult to remain positive, especially for my friends, as we have had our college lives completely taken away from us. To complete this project, I have decided to order a bouquet of flowers every week. I will go to all of my friends and family to capture their genuine reaction to an act of kindness. At first, I will have them hold a single flower and emphasise that this is for my photography project, but as I am taking the photo, I will tell them that I have bought these flowers for them and catch their genuine reaction.


I mostly post pictures of my travels because i want to cherish the memories of each place that I have been to, either a picture of myself somewhere or a picture together with my travel buddies

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Not only that, I also post pictures with my old school friends, in this particular case is a picture of me with my middle school friends after we took our yearbook photo together. Moreover, because the COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowed to travel, so currently I only take selfies and post it on my Instagram. In addition, I don’t only use Instagram feeds to convey my identity, but also the Instagram story and highlights feature. Like I said earlier about posting my travels, I record or snap the places, then I post it on my Instagram story and add it in my highlights.


Photography is extremely prominent in my every day life, and I want to learn more about how to take better, higher quality photos

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I am unique as a photographer because I want to stick to taking the photos I used to take on my phone, but elevating them with new techniques and skills. This semester, I want to learn how to take the best possible photos with just my phone, because it is something I always have on me and I think it would be very beneficial to learn how to utilize a phone camera to take great photos. I look forward to learning a lot about photography this year and bettering my photography skills!