The good news is that this is a life-long journey and I have many more opportunities to practise whenever I need more than I want

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Wanting to be better at what you do is good as long as you do that with kindness. Despite the fact that I am aware at that I can still push myself too hard to achieve advanced poses when my body says no. She also says that be aware of your mind, don’t use yoga asanas to punish yourself. Funny enough I once confined to my lovely yoga teacher friend that I used asanas to punish myself. That was the biggest insight I ever had.

I want my clients empowered, not reliant on me

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I’ve seen practitioners use transactional healing to their supposed advantage, to stroke their own egos — meaning, deliberately keep a client in the dark about some aspect of their own body’s healing so the client will view the practitioner as a miracle worker.

OMG, Jessica, Why Do You Talk So Much? – Gentle Hands Reiki