Spontaneity is not something I’ve always been good at

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Every time I go to a new place in Puerto Rico, I fall a little bit more in love. This tiny island has it all – a lush rainforest, the most beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, vibrant cities. There’s still so much I want to see before I leave. I’m slowly learning to take life day by day – I’m on island time now, where everything is mañana, as I’ve heard a lot since I’ve been here. So I’m hoping the next trip I take is just as spontaneous and wonderful as this one was. And even when I leave Puerto Rico, I think I’ll be spending less time planning and more time living.


I am no longer asking myself what I should do that will make my parents proud, but what I want to do that will make ME happy

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Embracing this crazy but wonderful journey and not obsessing over the future. What success looks like to me now is much healthier, much clearer, and a whole lot of who I am and who I aim to be. It could still change though, for as long as I’m growing as a person.


I want to be able to create something that brings amazement and wonder to others

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Whether I get into graphic design and create amazing images, or build websites and programs for others who just can’t figure out how to get their vision across; I want to be the one who brings out those intended or desired emotions from viewers. That’s what motivates me, and that’s why I’m here.


It is a roller-coaster ride which I want to share with y’all – to experience what it feels like to learn new things every day

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Being a commerce student in high school, it is quite intimidating for me to enter a college where I would be expected to take up 8 courses in fields which I wouldn’t have thought of studying in my wildest dreams. Switching from Business Studies to Computer Programming, from Accounts to Philosophy and so on was not easy initially, especially in these trying times when you miss out completely on the social aspect of college. Wrapping your head around these subjects takes a while. But surprisingly, it did not turn out to be as bad as imagined. Instead, I find myself grow as an individual because of so many perspectives on a single issue. It is overwhelming yet eye-opening.