I’m turning 18 this coming November and I am wishing myself that I could achieve my goals and dreams

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“Always think positive” this is the motto I always believe in. Being a senior high school student is hard for everyone. I started studying as a senior high school student that doesn’t have a confident, I am wishing myself to have a confident unlike my other classmates. When I was in Grade 11, few months before I have my own self confidence. As day goes by, I am confidently doing all the things that I never did in my life. Then I became a Grade 12 student but this time it is different. New normal in studying, only modular class that every student didn’t expected. Since I want to have a best future, I am giving all my best to do the modules. Few more months and I am officially senior high school student graduate, that will face a new chapter in life.


I want to take this moment to wish them the very best in whatever they’re pursuing right now

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In life, friends come and go. We’re always saying it’s important to cherish those who choose to stay. But little did I know, having friends that I can be silly with or giving myself out wholeheartedly without having an act on to protect myself is rare. I do not have a lot of these friends, but if you ask me to name them, there’s a few on my mind.