Scared to fulfill my dreams, but also scared not to fulfill them

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I’m fearing now for my future. I want to study music education, but im not very good at playing the guitar and I can’t sing so good, but I like it, singing and playing guitar, it’s one of the few things I really like, but I’m self conscious about it.

I want to do live sound engineering because I want to be part of the magic that is live music

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I want to be the person who makes the bands that people love sound their best and give people a night they’ll never forget. Whether I’m part of an in-house team of engineers, or I get the chance to travel with a certain band, being part of what makes live music feel the way it does is where I want to be.

I really love the world of (dance) events, and I would love to do big productions in the future

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Ever since I started to listen to dance music, my life got took over by it. Since that day I live for a dream: Being on top of the EDM Scene. That means that I want to learn as much as possible about all the ins and outs. I love to play as a DJ and produce music in the Bedroom, but I also love to learn the other side of this world: EVENTS.