This is when I fell in love with digital planner making!

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I became obsessed with free digital notebooks that I found online and nothing ever became “the one” for me, so I finally decided to make my own! I taught myself how to make it and watched a few tutorials on how to do it, I thought of how easy it is to do and the fact that the ideas effortlessly came to me, is just mind-blowing. Well, not super easy, but there was no complication. Of course, hard-work and patience is all it takes to finish a single planner, but I managed to do it. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to film it!

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They do so many great things and I want to try some of these methods in the future

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The school has worked so hard to curb the drinking issues that are taking place on campus and it has not done what they have wished it to do. One thing includes, which is something that is also used by UW-Madison’s campus. While they have tried every method, they have been unsuccessful in curbing a lot of these problems. This call to action is something that is important in many news stories.

I want this blog to be a resource, not a glorified therapy journal

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But I feel okay telling you that my early adulthood has not been easy. It has often felt characterized less by my successes than a string of traumatic (not a word I use lightly) experiences which I have not always been a willing participant in. This is not to say I’ve never fucked up or made self-sabotaging decisions- I absolutely have. But it has taken me a long time to accept that I have not always deserved the treatment I have received, particularly in a sexual and romantic context. Very rarely, in fact.