I want to live my life filled with possibilities, love, and excitement

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Just because you have a good life doesn’t mean that you won’t get restless or unhappy. Even though I deeply love my family and animals, I enjoy studying, and I’m grateful, comfortable, and loved. Nevertheless, I desire a shift from the mundane dribble and wish to open new, positive doors.


2 thoughts on “I want to live my life filled with possibilities, love, and excitement

  1. I understand the quest for something more exciting. A rush of the Adrenalin. But I also understand the follies of falling headlong into something before thinking long and hard about it. Especially from the point of view of it being safe. Sometime what looks exciting may actually be very very simple and exciting and at other times may be something I may have not only committed my time and energy or my limited financial reources to. So thrashing out the need to look for something exciting and what it is that I find mundane boring and dull in my present life may get me a better answer than just wanting something other than what I have.

    Sometime I found doing something as simple as getting done home decor and changing the landscape of my room to
    A beach resort by getting some beach paraphernalia from Hobby Lobby or Kohls can just get me out of that mood to go out there far somewhere where there is adventure rather than stay at the dull boring juncture of my life!!

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    1. Hi Seema 🙂

      Your comment reminds me of an excellent book by Mark Manson — see also another post on this blog:

      Wanting Experiences Wanted

      The book (title “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”) is widely available — I think it was a sort of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious best seller a while ago.

      🙂 Norbert


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